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This Christian blog and the periodicals I’ve been published in are a passion of mine but aren’t the way I “keep the lights on” at the moment.

During my first few years as a paid writer, I wrote on a wide range of topics mainly for the web. That included work for small businesses, insurance companies, law firms, the healthcare industry, the outdoor industry, construction companies, counseling practices and much, much more (trust me :).

Some of my work included press releases, product descriptions, landing-page content, white papers, vignettes for commercials, bios, email newsletters and blog articles.

Currently, I write almost exclusively in the counseling/psychology niche and write mostly blog articles.

This is the area that comes most naturally to me and where the brunt of my previous work experience fell before becoming a writer.

I guess it should’ve been more obvious that this focus would be the best fit for me. As Providence would have it, though, I wrote about nearly every imaginable topic before having that eureka moment. Although looking back the process seemed a bit random, I like to think it turned me into a more well-rounded writer (Even those articles I wrote about termite control)!

Like I said, this is how I keep the lights on. But that doesn’t mean my work is drudgery.

Au contraire, my friend.

I’ve found where I fit and I’m pretty darn happy with that.

So, if you happen to need my services, you can rest assured that I’ll be pretty stoked to write for you. When someone fits in their work, there’s a big difference in their work quality. I think you’ll notice that extra “spark” in the writing you receive from me.

Practitioners in the mental health field are busy people. Almost without exception, they’re too busy to regularly contribute quality writing to their websites. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t write well. More often than not, time is the biggest obstacle, not talent. I regularly speak with doctors and therapists who are too swamped to give their web presence the attention it desperately needs.

That’s where my services come in.

If interested, feel free to visit my writer website at

My contact info’s below if you could use my services or know of someone who could. Thanks!

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